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Posted by Isabelle on Jan 27th, 2013 • Filed in Lost, Multimedia, New Icons, Once Upon a Time, Website • Comments: 1

Hello fellow Emilie fans! My name is Isabelle, and as Aniek already told you, I am one of the new owners here at I Heart Emilie. I’ve been making fansites for a few years now, and all my other sites can be found at my collective here. For my first update here, I have a brand new gorgeous layout for y’all, made by my very good friend Amanda – isn’t it gorgeous? Both Aniek and I absolutely love it, and we hope you will like it as well. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your thought – we would love to hear your opinions!

We have a lot of exciting plans for this site, and I can’t wait to start working on it properly. I will begin to work on the content of this site tonight, as we want to expand the site with in-depth information, media and graphics, fan interact and much more. We will also try to retrive some of the many pages that disapperead from this site a while back – I think it happend during a server crash -, including an icon archive, wallpapers, career information etc. If there’s anything in particular you would like us to add, then go a head and comment below! We will do our very best to furfil any requests.

Stay tuned for a media update tonight already, as well as a galore of more updates this coming week! I have a bunch of HQ appearances photos, OUaT promotionals and more to add. For now, enjoy the stunning new layout!


Posted by Stephanie on Dec 13th, 2009 • Filed in Gallery Updates, Lost, Remember Me • Comments: 1

Added to the gallery is a cleaner version of the “Remember Me” poster, courtesy of Paris Filmes. We also have our first look of Emilie as Claire in Lost’s season six via some new character promos. Enjoy!

Gallery Links
Remember Me: Posters
Lost: Character Promos

I will be giving the site a revamp soon, so stay tuned! :)

Posted by Stephanie on Sep 23rd, 2009 • Filed in Lost • Comments: 0

There are spoilers for the final season of “Lost” in the following link so please don’t click if you don’t want to see! If you head on over here to Hawaii Blog to catch a glimpse of Emilie on set!

Posted by Stephanie on Jun 3rd, 2009 • Filed in Lost, News & Rumors • Comments: 0

From Ausiello:
Question: I miss Claire on Lost. Emilie de Ravin is such a great actress. Will she be back for all of next season? –Kelly
Ausiello: Yes! After sitting out last season, de Ravin will return as a full-time series regular for Lost’s sixth and final season, Team Darlton confirms. “Damon and I are very excited to bring Claire back to the show,” says Carlton Cuse, “and even more excited for people to experience just how she will return.” And even more exciting that that? Experiencing Doc Jensen’s theory on how she’ll return. Take it away, DJ:
Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by Stephanie on Oct 18th, 2008 • Filed in Gallery Updates, Lost, News & Rumors, Photoshoots • Comments: 0

ABC released new season 4 promos of the Lost cast a little while ago. I’ve added the high quality pictures of Emilie as Claire into the gallery. While I was at it I uploaded a couple of other Misc. promos and behind the scenes pictures from various seasons, that I’ve been meaning to add. These were hard for me to get my hands so do enjoy them! :D

• Season 1: Behind the Scenes
• Season 1: Character Promos
• Season 2: Behind the Scenes
• Season 2: Character Promos
• Season 3: Behind the Scenes
• Season 3: Character Promos
• Season 4: Behind the Scenes
• Season 4: Character Promos

Posted by Josie on Jul 26th, 2008 • Filed in Lost, News & Rumors • Comments: 0

From Watch with Kristin:

Claire-Bear Will Be Back: Following up on my earlier scoop that Emilie de Ravin is not a series regular for the upcoming fifth season of Lost, Darlton promises: “You will see Claire again. Not right away but what happened with her will be explained.”

Posted by Josie on Jul 17th, 2008 • Filed in Lost • Comments: 0

Brittany was kind enough to cap the deleted scenes from season 1 of Lost for us. They are quite cute, I kind of miss Emilie’s long hair. Check them out in the gallery.

• Screencaptures: Deleted Scene #001
• Screencaptures: Deleted Scene #002

Posted by Josie on Jul 7th, 2008 • Filed in Lost • Comments: 0

I’ve uploaded the rest of the Lost season two caps to the gallery. I may have gotten a little cap happy, particularly with “Maternity Leave” but I couldn’t help myself, heh. By the way, with this update we’ve reached 6000+ pictures in the gallery! Have fun. ;)

• Screencaps: Episode 13 – “The Long Con”
• Screencaps: Episode 15 – “Maternity Leave”
• Screencaps: Episode 17 – “Lockdown”
• Screencaps: Episode 19 – “S.O.S.”
• Screencaps: Episode 22 – “Three Minutes”
• Screencaps: Episode 23 – “Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1″
• Screencaps: Episode 24 – “Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2″

Posted by Josie on Jun 30th, 2008 • Filed in Lost • Comments: 0

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences released its list of Emmy semifinalists for this year’s top TV drama and comedy series, and Lost made the cut, back in play after a snub in 2007. The five finalists in each category, will be selected by a combination of “blue ribbon panel” balloting (50 percent) and the vox populi of the full TV Academy (50 percent). Nominations for the 60th Primetime Emmys will be announced July 17. The ceremony will go down Sept. 21.

Source: E! Online

Posted by Josie on Jun 23rd, 2008 • Filed in Lost • Comments: 0

A little later than promised, here are those Lost season 2 screencaps; there’s lots of beautiful shots of Emilie sporting long blonde hair. Previews and links are below, enjoy! ;)

• Season 2: 2.01 – “Man of Science, Man of Faith”
• Season 2: 2.02 – “Adrift”
• Season 2: 2.04 – “Everybody Hates Hugo”
• Season 2: 2.05 – “…And Found”
• Season 2: 2.06 – “Abandoned”
• Season 2: 2.09 – “What Kate Did”
• Season 2: 2.10 – “The 23rd Psalm”
• Season 2: 2.11 – “The Hunting Party”
• Season 2: 2.12 – “Fire + Water”